Wine list


(Alc. 14,5%, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017)
YOTTA Cabernet Sauvignon is a winegrowing blend of grapes of the same variety from very young plantations in the own possession and slightly older grapes from the family cooperative. Cabernet Sauvignon, like many international varieties in Zupa, has got something of its own and special, and it is up to You to discover what distinguishes Cabernet Sauvignon of YOTTA winery


(alc. 12,5%, 100% Italian Riesling, 2017)
In 40-50 years old vineyard, YOTTA winery nurtures Italian Riesling, which, unjustly neglected for its resilience, lushness and other characteristics, has not been for a long time challenge for winemakers in Zupa. Nevertheless, the YOTTA winery wants to offer it again to all lovers of fine white wine.

YOTTA Prokupac

(alc. 13,5%, 100% Prokupac, 2017)
Prokupac and Župa are unbreakable linked. That is why it is almost impossible to have any wine production in Zupa without having Prokupac. What distinguishes YOTTA Prokupac, besides the fact that it comes from centuries-old vineyards, is that it is 100% made from the most significant and oldest Serbian grape variety. Since its premiere at the second International Prokupac Day (October 14, 2017), it has attracted the attention of the wine audience, and not without reason.

YOTTA Hysteresis Tamjanika

(Alc. 12,5%, 100% Tamjanika, 2017)
Traditional Serbian tamjanika, although considered as Serbian autochthonous variety, formally it is not due to certain DNA matches, in our production it has got completely different dimension. Being aged in Serbian oak barrels for nine months, Sur lie method brings us a wine that no one leaves indifferent.