About us


Wine looks for a story, and ours, as well as the story of 3,500 other farms in Zupa of Aleksandrovac, can start that day back in 1904 when French consul Deco saw the waves of vineyards tucked in the surrounding mountains (Kopaonik, Zeljin, Ravna planina, Goc, Lisac and Jastrebac wroting in his diary that he had discovered new one Champagne in far away Serbia. Although it was not the beginning of the winemaking in Zupa, we can say that it was the first official announcement of the potentials of Zupa, as the area that today represents the true pearl of Serbia’s largest wine region “Tri Morave”. Making this wine story a fairy tale, we must say that in the heart of this region is the village of Sljivovo, where on the traditional estate of the Jotic family, the YOTTA Winery embarked on its wine journey in 2015. Our wines are made only from grapes from our own plantations, using a small part of the raw materials from the surrounding family vineyards, so from the very beginning YOTTA decided to produce limited quantities of top quality wines.

What also stands us out are the varietal wines from the autochthonous and international part of the pallet: Prokupac and Tamjanika combined with Italian Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, for local patriots and those who are exploring, there are autochthonous varieties, and for those who would like to compare or stick to proven values, we have international varieties recognized around the world.

Additionally, we try to walk the beaten path, but a young winery like ours needs to find Its own unique direction as well. That is why the YOTTA Winery explores all the varieties, especially Prokupac and Tamjanika, as far as possible. Prokupac is still in the research process, while we already successfully produce Tamjanika with the Sur lie method in Serbian bars. Due to its properties, characteristics and range, it was given the commercial name Hysteresis.

  • The winery owns about 2.5 hectares of vineyards, and with family subcontractors that amount goes up to almost 4 hectares.
  • The winery’s capacity is about 30,000 bottles a year.
  • Annual production is 15,000 bottles
  • In our portfolio there are currently four wine label

YOTTA Grizling

Yotta Prokupac

Yotta Cabernet Sauvignon

Yotta Hysteresis

Yotta Grizling gives an Italian spirit to Central Serbia and perfectly complements traditional gastronomic specialties. Sweet in the beginning and pleasantly bitter in the end, Yotta Grizling promises pleasure and unforgettable aftertaste. Dry white wine that seduces with its primarily fruit flavours.

Milena Popović

Yotta Prokupac is a characteristic county red wine, made exclusively from the oldest domestic type of grapes. Consuming this dark red wine, you will be indulged with its taste of black cherry and blackberry. It goes perfectly with cabbage rolls, sweet cabbage, mutton and other traditional Serbian dishes we love.

Žarko Marković

Yotta Hysteresis Tamjanika is a true treat for your palate. You won’t stay indifferent after trying it for the first time. Flavours of Serbian herbs and spices, such as basil and mint, fit perfectly with juicy chicken, turkey or seafood.

Darko Avdić