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Yotta Grizling gives an Italian spirit to Central Serbia and perfectly complements traditional gastronomic specialties. Sweet in the beginning and pleasantly bitter in the end, Yotta Grizling promises pleasure and unforgettable aftertaste. Dry white wine that seduces with its primarily fruit flavours.

Milena Popović

Yotta Prokupac is a characteristic county red wine, made exclusively from the oldest domestic type of grapes. Consuming this dark red wine, you will be indulged with its taste of black cherry and blackberry. It goes perfectly with cabbage rolls, sweet cabbage, mutton and other traditional Serbian dishes we love.

Žarko Marković

Yotta Hysteresis Tamjanika is a true treat for your palate. You won’t stay indifferent after trying it for the first time. Flavours of Serbian herbs and spices, such as basil and mint, fit perfectly with juicy chicken, turkey or seafood.

Darko Avdić


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